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AndSoWeSaw: Musical Picnic Symphony Hall

Ever on a mission to check out new things to do I stumbled across a tweet from THSH letting me know about a free monthly event called Musical Picnic. My interest was piqued (I think that is the poshest work I have used yet) and I headed over to the website to have a look.

Each month Mubu Music host an event with THSH where families are invited to come along and listen to various styles of music and this month was all about jazz featuring Trish Clowes.

So last Saturday i dragged Grumpa along with the MiniMonkey and I to get our culture on. Situated within the ICC we found a queue of parents and kids eagerly awaiting to get into the foyer area ready for the picnic.

It was a lovely set out. Crawlers could sit near the front and play with the toys and cushions provided and there were plenty of tables and chairs for everyone to sit and see.

I feel it was busier than usual as I overheard a few comments around how there were few spare seats available, but seeing as it was a free event on the first weekend of half term it can’t have been much of a surprise.

Anyway, we were seated and loaded up with coffee (the joys of having a Starbucks on site) and away we were.

Trish was accompanied Gareth Jones on piano and vocals and they walked us through what to expect for today’s performance.

From the first note MiniMonkey was mesmerised. Between each piece of music we were educated around the origins, tempos and terms and as someone who studied classical piano for 8 years (i know, it’s true) it all came flooding back to me and I remembered why I love music so.

Whilst the event is 1 ½ long (with an interval) you are not required to sit in silence and clap politely at the end of each piece. Children are playing and moving around, people are free to come and go (provided you are signed in and have your wristband) and all around people have bought their picnics to snack on as they enjoy the music.

We found that at the point of interval the venue did empty out a little as some parents moved onto the next thing to do in the city; which from a selfish point of view was perfect for us as we snuck up to the very front and made ourselves comfortable right in front of the piano where we saw Trish use the hood of the piano to make her tenor sax echo like a whale and MiniMonkey didn’t blink for the last 20 minutes.

Musical Picnic runs every month and each month brings a different style of music.

We shall certainly be heading back for more as I can’t think of a better way to introduce MiniMonkey to sounds from around the world

Thanks Mubu for hosting an event that ticks all the boxes I am looking for.


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