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AndSoWeSaw: The Bear

When a family production of Raymond Briggs The Bear brings a tear to your eye you know you’ve seen something special.

The family all trundled to Mac Birmingham on a frosty post Boxing day morning for a performance of this wonderful winter production. From the off the kids were mesmerised; with grown ups in their Pyjamas and Tilly (our heroine) already getting into mischief with the audience.

The Bear was a sight to see and not one child questioned why mummy and daddy were moving Bear. They believed. As did I.

We had bubbles and water and snow and every child (and grown up) wowed and ooooooed as they were drawn further into the magic.

The final scenes were the ones that got me. The music, the movement, the way the set changed….my mum would have loved this.

Isn’t it funny how something can just hit your heart, that is when you know you have seen something magical.

To the cast of Pins and Needles; thank you. You made me so very happy that I got to enjoy this with my family and see my MiniMonkey fall in love with a Bear.

This is the second time we’ve been to The Mac for a children’s performance and I cannot recommend enough that you check out their upcoming events (they have so much going on). We are off to see Sarah & Duck in July and I am way too excited about this.


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