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The C Word

There are many words beginning with C but this one has a festive feel


There. I said it.

It’s here. Already.

I love Christmas don’t get me wrong but I hate all the hype and expectation that comes with it

When are you putting your tree up

Which panto are you going to

Have you put our tree up yet

Why haven’t you put the tree up yet! (can you see there’s a theme here!)

Arrghhhh I don’t know we always leave it to the week before!

I wrote those first few sentences a week ago

My tune may have changed a little since then

But only a little

MiniMonkey has just had the realisation that Santa, Christmas and presents are all for him!


We are 12 days into the advent calendar (may have forgotten a couple!) and he loves the excitement of seeing what he is getting before bed (we’ve gone Playmobil so no crazy chocolate worries)

Seeing his little beuatifulcheekicrazyface lighting up, melts my insides.

He keeps asking where are our twinkly lights and I am trying to figure out when on earth we are going to clear the chaos and drag everything down from the loft

Although to be fair I could perhaps start it now rather than typing but hey ho, I am the world’s best procrastinator!  (update: it’s ok we did it yesterday!)

This is the first time in a very long time that it feels a little bit magical and the inner child is creeping back up to the surface

This is the year we start traditions

Advent (think I may steal The Dad Networks Advent books next year!)

Christmas Eve Box (not filled with treats for the MiniMonkey though, more about leaving the things out for Santa)

Christmas Morning Santa Stocking (Stockings were Santa pressies, the rest were always from the family)

Presents to be opened AFTER dinner (I am adamant about this one. Our family tradition was that we all chipped in at the pub and so the day didn’t really start for us until about 4pm)

We shall continue with others…

Dad cooks (best dinner ever!)

Trifle for boxing day breakfast! – that’s right we are that cool. It all started because the trifle is so massive it was never set in time for the actual day and so mom (in her infinite wisdom and lover of all things pudding related) declared that from around 1992 (perhaps earlier but i’m not quite sure on exact timings) trifle is the official breakfast of Boxing day. And who am I to disagree

What do you guys do at Christmas? – with or without kids!

Do we love it or just get on with it?

Wishing your a peaceful celebrations whatever you may do and don’t drink too much Babycham


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