Project: Birmingham

Oh my we have had a busy couple of weeks at monkey towers.

Whilst I won’t bore you with the numerous trips to the doctors, toddler sleep regression and the obscene amount of washing we need to do I will share with you the awesomeness that was Limelight 5 by  Project: Birmingham and what we saw at the GAP Arts Project 

Every now and then we let DM (Daddy monkey; not Danger Mouse) go out and play with his friends which leaves me and the MiniMonkey to wander the streets of our city looking for things to see.

After a quick message to the Project: Birmingham guys to see if there was an age restriction (there wasn’t) we headed into town and in the direction of Jubileee House in Pershore Street.

From the outside you’d be mistaken for thinking the building wasn’t used and you may be in the wrong place. We were, in fact, right where we needed to be.

This building is full of all things creative and up on the 3rd floor was a where we found Limelight.

Free to enter we walked into a space filled with so many things. Trying to capture it from MiniMonkeys eyes it must have been so magical. Colours and music and films; everywhere you looked there was something to absorb.

Eli was drawn straight to the far end of the room where local artist Darren Stevenson had a printed off 100’s of postcard sized prints of many iconic brum buildings. These were free to take and so MiniMonkey now has a miniscape of the Bull Ring, York’s, library and the BT tower.

Next into the film room where a series of shorts were being played… all had been created in the city and were part of the Flatpack Film Festival. MiniMonkey really enjoyed the time traveling piece.

The MiniMonkey was now hungry and so after I decided that vindaloo pork wasn’t the best choice for him (much to his annoyance) we sampled some amazing Moroccan chickpea tagine with dukka all bundled into a flat bread. It was so good and certainly worth the fiver we put in the pot. The food was a ‘pay as you feel’ concept which totally fitted the tone of the event.

We only stopped for an hour, but really got to feel what Project: Birmingham was all about.

We will most certainly be following these guys and look forward to the next installment.


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