Walking Home

So after my night out last week, I wondered back through my fair city towards the train

It was a fresh evening and not many souls around

It was a perfect walk for me

I got to see the city with fresh eyes. It has been so long since I had time with my thoughts.

No hustle and bustle around me to drown out my thoughts

No where to run to  (my train had been cancelled so had an hour to kill)

I decided to take the long way back

Through the Jewellery Quarter

Through the back of the ICC and library

Stopped at the War Memorial

Underneath Paradise Circus

Stopped and mourned at the demise of Exposure (never Subside. Always Exposure)

Awed at the gap where the old library once stood

Smiled at the Floozy no longer in her Jacuzzi

And smiled a little more when I discovered Starbucks was still open so I could nurse a Chai for half hour.

Can’t say I pondered over the meaning of life, or made some epic life altering decision

I did however just take that hour to stop thinking

stop worrying

stop obsessing

I just stopped.

It was wonderful

I finally got the train home

I slept like a baby (an actual sleeping baby not the kind that wake up every 20 mins)

I think it was the closet thing to perfection for me that evening




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