1000 Trades Bag in Box

So for the second time this week I am playing out on a school night (although not a school night per say as I have just finished work for 10 days Hooray!)

This time it is all in the name of research; finding out about all things wonderfully wine and why we should not sniff at the bag in box kind. This is very different to your traditional tasting. We are here to have an intro into natural, biodynamic and organic wines.

The event is being held at the always great 1000 Trades and our event hosts are Sam of Wine Freedom with wines provided by Tom from Vinnaturo                        

Sam Olivevinnaturo







I am far from a connoisseur of wines, other than I know that I quite like a good Malbec and really not a fan of anything sweet.

We are given some info to understand how our pallets work and it’s a bit of scores on the doors to grab a jumping off point.

A quick scan of the mini quiz and it looks like I am a smooth kinda CheekiMummy (no jokes please)

So we all head on upstairs and get comfy for an educational evening. First up…we did a litmus test!

Apparently we are at trusting bunch and happily all popped a tiny piece of paper on our tongues.

It tasted horrid (I described it as chewing a paracetamol, so not pleasant at all), the more of a ‘reaction’ you have, the more sensitive your pallet and in theory you respond more to intense wines. As Sam tells us, it isn’t a rock solid theory, but it is a great jumping off point to understand how your pallet works.

Now onto the wines…Tom works with vineyards across the globe to find amazing wines that have minimal impact on the environment and this looks at the way they are handled, the process during fermentation up to the final package.

The concept behind bag in box (BIB for short) is that it saves a substantial amount of money. Glass is so expensive in terms of cash and sustainability, Tom wants to change our habits and I couldn’t agree more. Just by changing the packaging; costs are reduced on production, shipping, storage and of course consumer costs (which is never a bad thing)

Over the evening we tasted 7 wines and learnt about each of their individual personalities. For me, as ever, it was all about the reds and in particular the Tempranillo which was so different to my usual tipple. The overriding theme for all the wines was the freshness of them. As  I started off this post by saying I have very little knowledge of wines, the one thing I walked away with this evening is that from now on I want to know where (and how) my wine has been produced, and I will certainly not be shying away from the BIB variety.

The biggest thanks to 1000 Trades, Wine Freedom and Vinnoturo for a great evening and the opportunity to learn so much in a wonderfully relaxed and informative setting. By far the best wine tasting I have had the pleasure of attending.

For more information on biodynamic wines and what Wine Freedom are up to head over to their respective pages (links in post).

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