When CheekiMummy Met Tom

Being a new blogger I am always looking for new opportunities and one came my way a few weeks ago.

I clicked on a link that sparked my interest as it was about a new website that looks at saving me money with latest deals. Funnily enough it is called LatestDeals

A welcome email from Tom popped up and I had a look at a quick intro video telling me all about the new website and it’s concept.

Still interested, ticking all my moneysavingmummyboxes

So, a phone call happened and we had a chat about all things bargains, where do i look for them and what can’t i find on the web but would like to.

Turns out I work very close to LatestDealsHQ

Two weeks later I am at said HQ and having a sneaky peak at the website, chatting to Tom and before you can say CheekiMonkeys we are doing a Facebook Live Video EEEPPPPPP!

We all know there are 1000s of bargains to be found everyday but sometimes it’s a minefield knowing where to go and which website is the best.

I am confident after meeting Tom and seeing what his team have been building that this is the place to go to, it is going to have a community spirit and we will have the chance to share any deals we find ourselves.

Stay tuned for more info as the website launches and of course i shall be shouting about all the bargains to be had.

Have a great week and happy bargain hunting



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