MeetOtherMums First Guest Post

So after about 8 different starts to my first blog in my new home I finally found a theme. I’m going to look at our lovely meetothermums hashtags and write around them.

First up: #NoMumShame

Since the interweb everyone became an expert.

It became ok to hide behind a keyboard and judge.

Would you stand face on to that person and say what you were going to type directly to someone?

I would hazard a guess as to no you wouldn’t, because you were brought up to be a wonderful caring and thoughtful person.

Isn’t that what we are teaching our children to be? I am most certainly trying my very best to raise such a MiniMonkey.

Now if you take my group of parent friends, I think you find a great example of people just cracking on.

We all have very different ways of parenting but lo and behold, we are still friends. Why? Because that’s what grown ups do.

We respect each other’s right to parent how we feel fit. It doesn’t make us any less of a friend or parent.

I don’t believe this is rocket science?

All of our children are healthy and happy and ultimately isn’t that what it’s all about?

So if my group of friends, who are all so very different can get along. Why can’t everyone else.

As my (very much missed) mum always said…’if you have nothing nice to say…’



*Originally posted on meetothermums.com August 21st 2016



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