A Wednesday night out with the Birmingham Bloggers

Exciting times I’m out on a school night

Even better I am being fed

And there is beer…Good Beer

Our hosts for the evening were the wonderful hidden gem of The Wellington slap bang in the heart of the city and we are treated to our tea courtesy of Deliveroo Birmingham

As always I was running late, but this time it was due to a late train heading back from the day job in London town.

Up Bennetts Hill I go dragging my dolly trolley and thinking about a well deserved pint.

This is only my 2nd bloggers meet up, and I have been embraced to a lovely, kind and friendly group of talented and diverse bloggers so no need to feel like a spare part.

We all arrive and we then spend the next 40 mins scrolling up and down and up and down the Deliveroo app as these are very important food choices to be made.

That’s it. I’ve settled and gone for Chung Ying Central; I’ve always heard great things but never had the chance to get to them.

First Deliveroo arrives and we are a little excited and let out a cheer!

My Deliveroo app tells me my food is at the bottom of the hill so I head on down to greet my food.

Happy days.

My face is swiftly filled with Ho Fun Beef with some Prawn and Pork Dumplings. Both excellent.

I had promised DaddyMonkey to bring home leftovers (I did, but I may have eaten them for lunch the next day #sorrynotsorry)

The Wellington have embraced the Deliveroo concept and are more than happy for you to order to the pub and even provide plates and cutlery for you to help yourself too!

For my next Deliveroo i’m going to order my lunch to Pigeon Park (i think it’s worth doing!)

So on a Wednesday night we all got to eat what we wanted for our tea (no arguments over which cuisine to share) and had some great chit chat about all sorts of things including a little bit of blogging.

As ever the biggest of thanks to Birmingham Bloggers for a delightful couple of hours.

Here’s to the next one





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