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I have decided to get fit

I am a yoyo dieter.


Over the years I have lost and gained 3 stone is various forms

With MiniMonkey being 2 1/2 I can no longer say I am carrying the baby weight

I can’t just have a gym membership as I can’t be trusted to go

I had a look around at a couple of bootcamps

Way too expensive (and a bit too far away)

Facebook popped up with a suggestion for Iron Squad Gym

Just round the corner so off I pop

It is a proper gym. No messing around here

I meet Oli, we have a walk around and next thing you know it is the next morning and I am being put through my paces

3 days later, my legs still don’t work.

Screen shot 2012-01-06 at 10.30.12 PMWhen  someone asks you to push this with 40kg on they are not having a laugh! 

I am going back again tomorrow morning to get into my new routine.

By Xmas I shall be fit.

Not bothered about being skinny.

I want to be able to keep up with the MiniMonkey (so I can catch him when he pegs it in Tescos)

Stay tuned for more typing of me being knackered, in pain, and being made to put some effort in!



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