March Newsletter

Hello from Monkey Towers…
Thanks so much for signing up to our updates and newsletters, this is where you will be the first to know about our upcoming events before we go live on Social Media, giving you the chance to book a stall and save the date before anyone else 😊
I am hoping you are already a fan of the page but if not please do head over here and give us a ‘like’. Not only will you find the latest updates from Team Cheeki but we also share lots of local community events for the family and of course some silly parenting memes (after all it is the internet!)
Next Events…
Due to the success of our last event in February we are now in the process of securing a bigger venue and  this is proving to take a little time. We have looked at quite a few over the past 6 weeks, but we just can’t find the space we need to fit in all the Pre Loved bargains and shoppers! This weekend sees another 3 venues being viewed and the hope of a June date being secured.
Other News…
The Baby Show is coming to the NEC in May and Cheeki Monkeys are hoping to be there spreading the word of our wonderful Pre Loved events. If you are heading over please do find us and come say hi.
Until Next Time…
Wishing you all a peaceful weekend (we are nearly there) and I look forward to sending you the next email full of event details! 
Mummy Monkey

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